So here’s something. I’ve talked a lot about my love for All-Star Superman and Casanova. Both comics easily make my “best of the 00s” list. Both provided (continue to provide) me with a lot of inspiration.

Today I come across this piece on Teatime Brutality, Countdown to The End of Time, Parts 2-4: Nominating Yourself, about Doctor Who, Final Crisis, and Big Brother. It’s really good. Here’s the part that got me:

Seagle’s It’s a Bird asks the question, “Can a fictional character save a real life in the real world?” and Morrison’s All-Star Superman answers it definitively; the internet is lightly speckled with exchanges like this one

jedidotflow : This is gonna sound a bit weird, but All-Star Superman #10 prevented me from committing suicide.

edosan: Not weird at all. Good to have you here.

Brian St. Claire : That isn’t the least bit weird.