How To Talk To Your Kids About Hush

Apparently Hush is in the new Lego Batman game. “Hush” was a 12-issue storyline that started in Batman 608 (which I realize I know without having to look it up) written by Jeph Loeb with art by Jim Lee. It’s a great example of how poorly-developed the critical faculties of the average comic book reader are. (Which can be similarly said of the film-going audience vis-à-vis the success of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.) Lee’s art is what you’d expect, but overall the story is just very, very overrated. It frequently shows up on “best of” lists alongside “Year One” and “The Dark Knight Returns.” In general the storyline marks the end of the very good Rucka/Brubaker era that started with the end of “No Man’s Land,” and included all the Gotham Central and Catwoman stuff. “Hush” stands there as a perfect example of why you should always be willing to just ignore parts of a company’s publishing line and seek out the good stuff, wherever it is. The story isn’t bad really, just forgettable aside from the Jim Lee art.