A Few Notes on iTunes 11

  • The scroll bars don’t expand when you mouse over them like default Mountain Lion ones normally do.

  • AirPlay activity doesn’t keep the computer awake. I’ve had the computer fall asleep while playing music to an Apple TV and while an Apple TV played a TV show from it. (In that case, though, it did properly sync my progress, so when I started it up from iCloud on the Apple TV it resumed right where I’d left off.)

  • There’s no option to tell iTunes to just never download copies of a TV show or a movie. With the small amount of storage on my SSD, I really just want to stream video every single time. I’ve turned off the option to have it automatically fetch downloads, but I’m pretty sure the files will still be sitting in the download queue and will snow up on my computer eventually. Worse, with all the otherwise nice iCloud support, it’s hard to see which files are actually saved locally and can be deleted.

The general message seems to be that we shouldn’t worry about what files are on our machines and which are in iCloud, but that doesn’t match the reality of current SSD storage sizes. iOS automatically manages storage for music, deleting songs for you and redownloading them as needed. It’s be nice if the Mac could do that, but on the other hand there are copies of songs that iTunes Match screws up (it doesn’t have some of The Beatles’s mono tracks, for example, and tries to substitute stereo versions). I need to keep those local while most other files could be left to the cloud most of the time. Seems like all the devices could do some sort of Bonjour detection to grab a local copy where available and save on bandwidth.

Conversely, there are some movies we watch over and over. It seems wasteful to stream a new copy every time, but at this point it’s just way more convenient.

  • I really like how the expanded album view picks colors from the cover to show the track listing.

  • It’s neat that TV shows from iCloud are shown in the shows listing, but you can’t edit their metadata. Futurama airs its episodes out of order and I’d like to be able to fix that for when I watch the season again. Likewise I’d like to insert the Doctor Who prologue mini episodes in situ rather than have them tacked on at the end, but I’m stuck with iCloud’s ordering.

  • I haven’t tested how podcasts work. Progress syncing would be very welcome so I can start a podcast on the road and finish it at home.

  • I already love the Up Next feature.